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Lodewa Studio & Boutique

Soulful Painting with Irie Seyfferth Fisher

Soulful Painting with Irie Seyfferth Fisher

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Be taken into the creative joy and relaxation of letting color flow over paper and enter a space where your mind and soul will calm down and unwind – Hosted by Irie Seyfferth Fisher. 

Our One Day Art Workshop takes you this time into the world of watercolor. Besides an understanding of how watercolor works and how it can be used, you are guided step by step through your art piece to paint the Red Mountains.  

Since the days are still cold and gray, you are invited to paint this art piece in the brightest and warmest colors of orange and red. These colors will bring such a warm into your home and will be your light when the days are still gray. The calmness and the early morning fog of the Red Mountains will invite you to feel at ease. We however also encourage you to paint this painting in other colors if you would like to see it differently. 

The whole process is very calm and mindful. It is meant as a mix of workshop and Art Retreat with the intention raise a feel-good vibration. We will listen to healing and regenerative music, drink delicious tea, enjoy snacks and each other’s company. 

We welcome between 5-8 attendees to our mindful workshop. This is so that we can assist you fully and keep a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Book your workshop in time to make sure you secure your spot. 

Note that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE IS WELCOME. You do not need any prior experience in order to join. I am very much looking forward to welcome you. 



ꕥ Admission to a 3-hour Painting & Drinks workshop suitable for all levels 

ꕥ Intro to Watercolor and technique 

ꕥ Simple step-by-step instructions for everyone to follow along

ꕥ Personal guidance and assistance during the whole workshop 

ꕥ All Art supplies including paint, brushes, paper 

ꕥ Free tea or water, snacks 

ꕥ An amazing piece of Art created by you 

ꕥ An empowering, deeply relaxing and connective Art experience


TIME: 3 PM - 6 PM

PLACE: Lodewa Studio & Boutique, Blågårdsgade 18,, 2200 Kbh N


What do attendees say about this workshop?

Stina says – 

It is such a gift in this hectic modern life to get the chance to sit down and be creative. To learn something new. 


Claudia says -

Amazing way of calming down your thoughts and getting deeper into yourself. 


Kathrine says -

Irie is a very good teacher who created a good and inclusive vibe, and the painting was beautiful and with good instructions! 


Cecilie says - 

Very entertaining and organized. Impressive that you get to learn how to make a nice watercolor paint without any experience! 


Francesco says – 

Really good and cozy atmosphere, plus nice explained. 


Maya says – 

Everyone can join – fitting all levels. I can’t believe I made this, because I didn’t paint since kindergarten. 


Louise says - 

Lovely experience. Calm, zen and super fun Sunday afternoon activity. Great teacher. 



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