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Kirstine Falk



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Celebrating the Everyday... Sometimes, a simple glance can convey volumes, and that's precisely what this art print by Kirstine Falk achieves.

Originally stemming from a larger painting, this print captures the essence of everyday life in a single frame. The meticulous process involves photographing the original piece and expertly reproducing it. Kirstine's dedication to craftsmanship is evident as she meticulously creates just 30 copies of each size for these art prints, ensuring a touch of exclusivity. Each print is a testament to her artistry, carrying her signature and a unique numbering.

This artwork serves as a daily reminder of life's subtle yet profound moments, urging us to find beauty and meaning in the ordinary. The fusion of originality, limited availability, and artistic mastery makes this print a remarkable addition to any collection, resonating with those who appreciate the poetry of the mundane."


This illustration is a limited edition, meaning there are only 30 pieces of each. Each individual poster is signed and numbered by Kirstine Falk. "Vasketøjskurv" is available in sizes: A3 and 50x70.


Kirstine's illustrations are printed at Godsbanen in Aarhus. They are produced in small quantities, with only 100 pieces of each. An Epson printer is used, and they are printed on 192-gram Epson Enhanced matte paper. This printing method is employed to ensure optimal reproduction of the original artwork, as well as to achieve the best color durability, providing customers with a durable and exquisite product.

Please Note: There might be slight variations in color between the displayed product on the screen and the physical product. Such discrepancies depend on the color settings of the device in use.

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