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Lodewa Studio & Boutique is a little hidden gem located in Blågårdsgade, a vibrant and charming street in the heart of Copenhagen. Here we welcome you into a creative universe, where the atmosphere is warm and cozy. From the moment you enter, you find a nature inspired place with colorful plants and a curated selection of lifestyle products from local designers, artists, and artisans. The assortment includes everything from tableware, blown glass, wall art, and lamps to sculptures, scented candles, woodwork, leather goods, skincare, and jewelry.

All our products are handmade, passionately created by our skilled ctraftmen, and follow the best principles for sustainable production. Every product has a unique story, and we are here to tell you everything about it.

  • Laura Sonne Lund Glas

    Laura creates blown glasswork that elegantly combining functionality and aesthetics. Her products follow a classic design language and are kept in simple shapes and light colors.

    Because glass is a living material, no two objects are alike. Charming air bubbles and small variations in colors and shapes bring the objects to life and make every piece special.

    Laura experiments with imprints from organic materials such as wood and stone, and motifs or matting on the surface of the glass.

    She pursues sustainable production by recycling the materials and by finding clever ways to reduce her energy consumption.

    In our Boutique you find a great variaty of drinking glasses and vases en a broad colour-spectrum that will fit any modern home.

  • Holstein Folds

    Ever since childhood, Tune has been a passionate origami enthusiast, for it's creative and recreational properties. With a desire to turn his joy of folding to a lvelihood, he established his company, Holstein Folds, creating elaborated modular lamps and decorative paper artworks . 

    Origami is not an easy art to master, but Tune sure knows how to create beautiful and unique objects. His lamps consist of up to 36 modules, which he first designs and then folds and assembles into the various shapes that make up the luminous and functional sculptures.

    The three lamps, The Comet, The Sun, and The North Star, are all available at Lodewa Studio & Boutique, in their original size but can also be ordered twice their size upon request.

  • Amanda Bang

    Amanda's universe is poetic and defined by an elegant relationship between the feminine and the masculine. All her pieces are made from recycled sterling silver, either natural or gold plated, and solid gold upon request. 

    Since childhood, Amanda has been passionate about gemstone crystals and their specific properties, an element that is echoed in her jewelry. Her creations are delicate and refined, yet counterbalanced by roughness and weight, which makes the designs appealing to both men and women.

    Her work is strongly influenced by nature. She includes natural objects like shells and other beach treasures in her designs and uses sand casting as a way of preserving them in her pieces.

    Discover Amanda's high-quality jewelry, and find your fit within her collection.

  • Recraft Cph

    Mille Friis, is the designer behind Recraftcph, a brand with a strong focus on sustainable production by recycling and upcycling discarded leather and textile.

    With a background in the fashion industry, Mille has witnessed first hand the amount of textile being wasted in the manufacturing. She felt an urge to take action by giving leftover materials a new life. Many textiles are "deadstock" from previous collections, that Mille buys and uses in her designs, while combining them with leather leftovers from furniture production, vintage zippers and old belt buckles.The products are functional and minimalist, with a luxurious feel. All these nuances makes every pieces unique.

    Whether you are looking for a stylish apron to impress a special someone with your gourmet skills or need a just-right bag for your make-up essentials, you can find it in Recrafts sortiment of high-quality, handcrafted products.

  • LSjatDS Studio

    Signe Dahl Jørgensen, owner and creator at LSjatDS Studio makes unique pieces of clothes, accessories, homeware, and artistic ceramics.

    The core of Signe's creative philosophy is playing with colours, mixing humour with elegance, old with new, and creating lines and stories.

    Everything that Signe designs is hand crafted. She is very committed to quality and sustainability, with a strong focus on minimizing waste and by using only recycled and organic materials. Her approach to design is playful and humorous, and she draws inspiration from many directions. Among other things, she has made a print inspired by the legendary Danish Kaj cake, and one influenced by the balloon swings in Tivoli. She has even produced designs inspired by her childhood memories of playing with toy slime. Her designs are timeless and detouched from current trends.Explore Signe's colorful universe of high-quality, handcrafted goods and give your dull days a mood boost

  • Christie Munck

    Christie Munck is the creator behind the series of enchanting graphic artprints available in our boutique.

    Christie, a graduate of The Danish School of Design, started printmaking in 2017 after some professional touchdowns along the way as a dancer, a photographer, and a yoga instructor.

    Focussing on non-toxic printmaking, Christie creates limited editions of handprinted woodcuts - or she makes small delicate etchings - like our series 'Musings on the Moon' where each of the motives in some way relates to either a full moon or a new moon.

    Christie is also a member of Grafisk Gruppe and Fyns Grafiske Værksted and her work has been shown in exclusive exhibitions, the last of which at the Kirsten Kjærs Museum in Thy.

    Come by Lodewa Studio & Boutique and explore Christie's collection og soulful and timeless prints.

  • Tomas Byg-Fabritius

    Tomas is a Copenhagen-based artist working in the intersection between glass and ceramics. His work is influenced by the Viking Age with its primal and often dark aspects. Yet, the nature of his creative processes is experimental and playful, demonstrating a curious and adventurous man who is inspired by all aspects of living - the organic and recognizable, psychology, self-awareness, and the balance between light and dark.

    From his studio at Gallery Symbol a few steps from Lodewa Studio & Boutique, he creates unique sculptures from stoneware and oxidized copper wire, and handmade glass beads in various shapes and colors, inspired by ancient craft traditions.

    If you are looking for new nordic inspiration to decorate your home, come by and have a look at Tomas' collection of captivating stoneware artwork, or pick up some handmade glass beads, and create a unique bracelet or necklace for yourself or someone special to you.

  • Kirstine Falk

    Our Aarhus-based designer Kirstine Falk creates limited edition illustrations that invite you into a fairytale-like and dreamy universe, while adding a touch of surrealism and humor.

    The illustrations are a mix of pencil, gouache, and collage. The collage elements are her own photographs combined with pieces of paper, carefully collected over time.

    The prints are plotted on an Epson printer and are subsequently numbered and signed.

    The collection is available in the formats A5, A4, A3, A2, and 50x70cm. Explore Kirstine's enchanting work and find your personal favorite within her collection

  • Undecided Copenhagen

    Undecided Copenhagen is founded by Pia Chan Andersen who creates sustainable and alluring products with a strong focus on natural materials and zero-waste.

    The collection is broad, spanning from scented candles and soaps to various textile products such as reusable facial rounds and colorful kitchen towels as well as t-shirts and hand-dyed and printet totebags.

    Pia chooses her materials with a lot of consideration and strives to use all-natural and biodegradable components in the collections.

    Her luxurious and minimalist designs make it easy to implement sustainable routines in your daily life while inviting you to slow down and be mindful.

    Within her collection of handmade scented candles and soaps, there is a fragrance for every mood and personality. All Undecided's products can be enjoyed with a good conscience, as only high-quality vegan and cruelty-free ingredients are used in the production.

  • Stina Minden-Weidekamp

    Our Møn-based designer, Stina Minden-Weidekamp, specializes in hand-drawn illustrations.

    She is an autodidact artist with a unique sketch style, who portraits everyday aesthetics with a touch of humor.

    Stina creates beautiful prints from original artworks, does custom drawings as well as book illustrations and takes on freelance projects of different kind.

    She is inspired by nature and everyday objects, and her drawing technique combines hand-drawn pencil and black linework sketches with digital coloring.
    At Lodewa Studio & Boutique you find a carefully selected collection of her work in the form of prints, postcards, notesbooks and stickers.

    If you are looking for a new art piece to decorate your walls or a personal drawing created especially for you, come by. We might have just what you are looking for.

  • The Wood Hunter

    Mikkel Karlsen - The Wood Hunter, has worked with wood design for the last 9 years, with a strong focus on wood turning.

    His material is fresh wood, most often in the form of whole tree trunks, which he picks up himself in the woods. The design process starts the moment the tree is felled, as Mikkel works with the drying process as an active part of the shaping process.

    He is intrigued by the contrast between the symmetrical conditioning techniques on the lathe and the organic forms of nature.Working with fresh wood is a slow and sometimes uncontrollable process, and it is in this field of tension that Mikkel's unique works are born.

    Mikkel's speciality is wood-sewing - turning the wood paper-thin on the lathe and then adds leather cord seams, where he senses the wood will crack. In the drying process, a contradiction arises again between the autonomy of the wood and the applied craft techniques, which ultimately define the final shape.

    You can find a great variety of Mikkel's handmade wood designs at Lodewa Studio & Boutique. Come by and discover Mikkel's warm, elegant, yet functional, wooden creations

  • Sienna Rousseau

    Sienna is self-taught and has been creating her charismatic handmade jewelry since 2019. Sienna is part of the jewelry collective Ladyfingers, located on Jægersborggade, from where she creates her stunning pieces.

    Sienna's jewelry is timeless, feminine and quirky. Every piece is made by hand with the best materials such as bio sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver and bio 14k/18k gold.

    Sustainable production is at the core of Sienna's production, as she makes sure that no materials are wasted. All leftovers are re-used and turned into new enchanting designs.

    If you are looking for that little ekstra to spice up your look for the seasonal festivities or a special treat for someone you love, come by and fall in love with Sienna's collection of shinning beauties

  • One More Story

    Julie - the woman behind One More Story - creates mesmerizing one-of-a-kind notebooks from recycled materials, carefully crafted by hand and with hidden treasures from the past on the inside. We are in love with them all and can't wait to meet their new owners. In her own words, here is an introduction to her creative journey: " It all started at the bottom of a container. I was about to throw out a full garbage bag, but before I could drop the bag my attention was caught by an object with a beautiful pattern on the bottom. I took the book under my arm (and threw out the garbage bag, of course) and when I had walked the twenty steps to my apartment, I had come up with the concept. I wanted to give discarded books new life by transforming them into notebooks. It was in 2016 that I rummaged around in a dumpster and since then I've made hundreds of spiral notebooks using Cradle to Cradle paper, covers from discarded books and spirals from surplus metal. I also pick out beautiful, funny, weird and special pages and put in the notebooks. So take a look at them and you'll probably find something you find interesting. By the way, my name is Julie and in addition to making notebooks from discarded books, I work, ironically, with IT and communication. I live in Nørrebro with my boyfriend and 2-year-old son. Both show great patience with the quantities of paper, books and other recycling."

  • Lodewa Ceramics

    Louise Dejgaard-Wandbæk is the founder of Lodewa Studio & Boutique and the creator behind Lodewa Ceramics. She produces small-batch tableware, home accessories, and one-of-a-kind jewelry from porcelain and stoneware.Curious by nature, Louise finds herself in a never-ending quest to push boundaries and innovate; And working with clay is no exception. Following her intuitive, playful, and creative nature, the collections stay in flux as Louise continuously experiments with new shapes, colors, and textures.All her ceramics are handmade, either wheel-thrown or hand-modeled, and created with a high degree of attention to secure a balance between esthetics, functionality, and durability.Explore the wide range of products by Lodewa Ceramics and treat yourself or someone you love with a unique and personal gift

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