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Kirstine Falk



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Titled "Morning Dip," the motif captures the essence of early awakenings, as a lady in a swimsuit is depicted, ready to dive into a ceramic cup—an inspiring reminder to embrace the start of each day and seize its opportunities. Portrayed in gentle hues, this artwork evokes the sense of a refreshing morning ritual. Perfect for the kitchen or dining room

Measurements and Variants:

This limited edition illustration consists of only 100 pieces of each size. Every individual poster is personally signed and numbered by Kirstine Falk.

Material and Quality:

Kirstine's illustrations are meticulously printed at Godsbanen in Aarhus. Crafted in small batches, only 100 copies of each are available. Using an Epson printer, they are meticulously printed on 192-gram Epson Enhanced matte paper. This method ensures the utmost fidelity to the original artwork and produces lasting colorfastness, resulting in a durable and exquisite product.

Please Note: There might be slight variations in color between the displayed product on the screen and the physical product. Such discrepancies depend on the color settings of the device in use.

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