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Lodewa Ceramics

The Celestial Nebula Bowl

The Celestial Nebula Bowl

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The Celestial Nebula Bowl is a captivating piece inspired by the wonders of the cosmos. Crafted from speckled stoneware and adorned with a high-glossy blue/gold glaze, these bowls resemble miniature universes, with swirls of color reminiscent of distant galaxies and celestial bodies.

Available in three sizes, each measuring approximately 9 cm, 11 cm, and 13 cm in diameter and 4 cm in height, these bowls are perfect for serving appetizers, snacks, or small portions of soups and salads.

While the smaller size bowls are ideal for individual servings or smaller portions, the larger sizes offer ample capacity for generous servings of soup, salad, or pasta dishes. The tall sides of the bowls provide depth and stability, ensuring that your culinary creations are presented beautifully.

The celestial-inspired glaze adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, elevating the bowls to stunning pieces that bring a sense of wonder to any table or display. Whether used for everyday dining or as statement pieces in your home, the Celestial Nebula Bowls are sure to spark conversation and admiration with their mesmerizing beauty and practical design.

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